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SoproLife Intraoral Camera in Scappoose


SOPROLIFE is a small handheld and wand-like intraoral imaging camera that provides high-resolution imaging along with a feature that facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of caries— more commonly referred to as tooth decay or cavities.

The latest advancement in caries detection and care

This advanced and innovative intraoral device allows our team to detect many carious lesions that were once invisible to the naked eye. Representing the latest advances in dental technology, SOPROLIFE uses optical fluorescence to support the diagnosis, removal, and treatment of tooth decay without exposure to x-rays.

Facilitates accurate and minimally invasive treatment

With the touch of a button, this intraoral camera shifts modes to detect and illuminate tissue changes in the tooth’s enamel and dentin. As it accurately identifies and determines the location of carious lesions, it facilitates the provision of effective and minimally invasive treatment. By differentiating between diseased and healthy enamel and dentin, it optimizes the removal of caries and the preservation of healthy tooth structure.

A valuable imaging, diagnostic, and treatment tool

SOPROLIFE detects dental caries in all stages of development, including incipient lesions that may not yet appear or get missed by x-rays. It also integrates with dental software programs so that our dentist and professional team can view the imaging in real-time on a monitor. The viewable images also allow our office to explain diagnosis and care to our patients and keep them well-informed every step of the way.

HealthyStart   in Scappoose

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